UPDATE: Omar Khadr

/ Thursday, October 21, 2010 /
Got a tip from the comments below to a terrific article written by Jeff Kaye over at Firedoglake, called 'The Psychiatric Demonization Of Omar Khadr.' The best bit comes at the conclusion as he posts along with the video of some 8 minutes of the interrogation of Omar Khadr by CSIS officials and asks: ...better yet, review this videotape of an interrogation of Omar Khadr in 2004. Did the young man, then age 16, use the opportunity to "call… to radical Islamists to mature beyond their elemental intolerance"? You tell me.

 Just got back from the station and my interview with Hilary Homes of Amnesty International was not in the archives as they stopped recording late last night while the station manager and programmer are in New York. She has promised she would talk to us again next week if and when the trial got under way so sadly if you didn't tune in this morning you'll have to wait until next week to hear her. I'm sorry and a bit frustrated by this. I did put up last Friday's show if you want to go have a listen -- the Omar Khadr story is covered in some detail as well as stories about Stephen Harper's excuses for failing to get a seat on the UN Security Council (Harper and the Conservatives principles were too much for the UN body to elect them so they chose Germany and Portugal instead who obviously have no principles) and Rachel Maddow explaining the US Chamber of Commerce trying to buy the election for the republicans.




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