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/ Wednesday, October 27, 2010 /
I have to admit that the stories about Omar Khadr and the manner in which he was forced to plead guilty to a litany of transgressions so he could escape a life sentence in jail made me ill. I got over over it when I heard Peter Mansbridge last night mindlessly repeating what Khadr was admitting to in that kangaroo court military tribunal. No context, no questioning if any of it was true, and no mention of Khadr's lawyer's repeated words that what Khadr had signed on to was "just a piece of paper," and he would have "admitted to killing J.F.K. if it meant getting out of that hellhole!"

 Never mind that the script given Khadr was ludicrous and has him (swear to gawd!) with an AK-47 in one hand, a pistol in the other and presumably throwing the grenade with his teeth. And since Peter is too much of an MSM shill to mention it, let's remember that these acts came after a 4 hour firefight that included attacks from a pair of A10 Warthogs, the bombing and strafing of the compound with cannon and rocket fire from AH-64 Apaches which was then followed by the dropping of 500 lb. bombs from a pair of F-18 Hornets. Now my military insider who was on the radio show today assures me of a couple of things: two minutes in a real firefight feels like hours. Imagine then four hours of such a fight. Also at the end of the four hours of such a pounding you would be stone cold deaf and probably concussed.

However, Khadr's script (PDF) has him plotting the death of more Americans instead of attempting to flee the compound as any sane person would. But not our Omar though. This skinny 15 year old cross between James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a Mujaheddin warrior was getting ready for more. Hoping that he would get to "relish" the killing of more Americans. That, according to his poorly written script was his all encompassing raison d'etre.

The point of all this is that the moronic stenography that Mansbridge engaged in -- and he's not alone -- is the reason why we need the blogosphere. Sure he's not that bad. And the Canadian MSM in general is considerably better than the American one. But the bottom line is that their default position is to protect and defend corporate interests ahead of ours and act as spinners for the always pro-war military industrial complex. It hasn't changed sine Eisenhower first used that phrase -- it's gotten worse, much worse.




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