Fu@#&$ UP Conservatives+ Lazy Opposition = Never Knowing The Truth

/ Wednesday, October 13, 2010 /
Is it just me or are we all wondering when we will get the results of this Parliamentary committee delving into how much us Canadians torture and abuse our Afghan allies.  I'm assuming we haven't heard anything because the fools on the hill are too embarrassed to come out with the truth. Since all the parties are complacent in the cover up and promoting the use of enhanced interrogation (are apathy makes us complacent) I figure they all have much too loose if they ever deemed us worthy enough to treat with respect. If you need a rug that needs sweeping there are some folks in Ottawa that could do a bang up job.

Trying to get a strait answer out of a politician it about as worthwhile as washing windows when there are pigeons on the roof.

Something from back in the day when the populous wasn't an apathetic self indulgent remnant from a once proud civilization.




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