Who Could Have Predicted?

/ Thursday, September 2, 2010 /
So the Tories long hot summer of acting out on all their worst ideological impulses has them in a dead heat with the Liberals in the latest EKOS poll. Who could have predicted... that calling for austerity while spending like Sarah Palin at Saks 5th Avenue with a GOP gift credit card, would hurt you in the polls. Who would have thought that having his surrogates lie about valued Canadian institutions would make voters think less of you? And who could have forecast that two long months of remaining "on message" by hardly speaking to Canadians on any issue at all other than to fear-monger about the opposition's nefarious plans to try and get elected would turn an eleven point lead into a dead heat?

Who could have predicted? Well, other than myself and Zoltar, I'm guessing the more than 70% of the people who didn't vote for Harper in the last election. Stephen Harper's actions have done what the opposition parties could not do all spring long in the last session of Parliament -- he's gotten the voters to start paying attention and they're not happy with what they see. Scrutiny is Harper's enemy in every way. He is on the opposite side of where most Canadians are ideologically on most issues and his insistence on following through on pet conservative issues like scrapping the long-form census is costing him now but not as much as it will in the coming months.

If Iggy has learned anything over the summer months this could be an interesting and fun to watch session of Parliament. Here's hoping!




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