Sunday Night Wrap

/ Monday, September 20, 2010 /
With a federal election on the horizon, (you heard it here first) always good to remember the folks in countries where they risk life and limb to have their vote counted. Not too much had been made of the election in Afghanistan, the Parliamentary elections took place over the weekend. The Taliban vowed to disrupt the proceeding and did just that, killing 11 civilians and 3 police officers.

Election observers said there were some concerns over the balloting that could take months to tabulate. The observers companied that the ink used to stain the fingers of voters could be washed off. It is supposed to stay visible for 72 hours. (Personally I think that is wise, safer for the voter not to be wearing Taliban over here marker. I voted come shoot me)

Sunday was the 30th annual Terry Fox run. 800 runs were held across Canada. Hopefully nobody in British Columbia was driving home drunk after the run. With a new law being past the mis-deed would cost the deviant $3,750 after all is said and done.

Have a good week.

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