Our Polluting Overlords Part Deux

/ Friday, September 17, 2010 /
I wanted to illustrate that nonsense is a regular part of our discourse now with that last post. Whenever a corporation's culpability into some ecological disaster is called into question the media and the government do their alibiing for them. It's a feature not a bug when Canada's minister of the environment says of badly deformed fish downstream from the tarsands project that they're not sure why this is happening. Hundreds of thousands of dead crab, shrimp, and finfish are washing up in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico and no one is sure as to why? Propublica has a report that scientists conducting research in the Gulf have found a thick layer of oily sediment on the ocean floor stretching for miles and no one knows where it comes from? The news broadcaster on the following report about the current state of the Gulf asks what is happening and what caused the fish kills? Uhm, I have a theory...

 This takes propaganda and whoring for corporations to new levels. I'm not sure who's swallowing this gunk but it borders on the comically tragic. Instead of the 21st century we get the age of stupid and corporatism.

UPDATE: I decided, with the help of someone whose imagination was shall we say lacking, that I had better illustrate what it is BP has wrought in the Gulf in lieu of all the claims that things are just fine and the lack of in-depth MSM coverage. My bad for being obtuse.

h/t  for both videos goes to The Political Carnival


{ CanPharm } on: September 18, 2010 at 2:11 PM said...

That post is very informational. I glad to know about lot of knowledge about the Our Polluting Overlords Part Deux.

{ karl knox } on: September 18, 2010 at 11:04 PM said...

Awesome CanPharm! I'm guessing you read the first part of the story and took in all the the information on all the links and then appreciated the connection to part deux - but just in case you missed the point in part deux it's BP who plays the part of the polluting overlord and master, the media is the shill afraid to ask any deep or probing questions or do any research of their own and you my friend play the part of the sucker who's being used and abused and you seem pretty content about it - so enjoy. Ignorance is strength!



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