Opposition Elites Unite To Save Census

/ Friday, September 24, 2010 /
This has been a good start to the kickoff of Parliament. The opposition parties have not been cowed by the increasingly threatening language coming from the right -- which of itself is a small victory. Mr. Harper's calls of "I'm going to make you pay for this come next election," have the sound of a school-boy's idle plaint and seem a bit flatulent. Especially when you add to that Harper and the gang's new crusade against Canada's elites.

 Who are these elites, you ask? Well, anybody living within the boundaries of Canada's major urban centers who is desirous of having people register their lethal weapons. Elitists! That especially includes anyone living in the GTA (greater Toronto area, for the uninitiated), Montreal, Ottawa and B.C.'s lower mainland. Elitists!Also included are those who are employed or studying in Canada's universities. Elitists! And let's not forget those employed in bureaucracies, cultural institutions and even boardrooms. All of them the elitists!

This would no doubt come as surprise to most of the people lumped into this group who spend most of their days striving and paying bills, raising children, going to pee-wee hockey games etc.. They likely see themselves as pretty regular folk with concerns they imagine are similar to other Canadians in urban and suburban centers. They would be wrong. They are in fact elitists who are standing  in the way of Mr. Harper's majority government and in the way of having his non-elitist agenda crammed down all our throats. The nerve!

So now the opposition, with the support of their elitist constituencies, are uniting in a bid to bring back the mandatory long-form census into the Statistics Act. This is being done with a private members bill being sponsored by Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, who says, “It's almost a sacred trust that we have with civil society that we will get them the information they need with which to plan, and whether that's the Bank of Canada, or the public health officials, or the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, people are counting on this information and it must be comparable data with previous censuses.”

Eliminating the long-form census set off a wide backlash from a variety of opponents back in the summer, including religious groups, major charities, the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities, statisticians and academics, who we can add to the list of Canada's elitists. And you can toss in the Premiers of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and P.E.I. who have all balked, saying the loss of data would skew policy-making.

There are just some things from the Bush playbook that don't translate to Canadian politics -- no matter how hard you try. So now that the opposition recognizes that opposing Stephen Harper's ideologically driven agenda is likely to be good for their poll numbers I see heady days on the horizon for Canada's elites and even some non-elites too. As Mr. Layton noted the other day, "...rural voters are every bit as concerned as their urban counterparts about job security, the availability of health care and the quality of their children’s education,." Indeed. Those issues don't appear to be anywhere on Stephen Harper's radar, and that could cost him some non-elitist votes.


{ ck } on: September 25, 2010 at 8:18 AM said...

As Mr. Layton noted the other day, "...rural voters are every bit as concerned as their urban counterparts about job security, the availability of health care and the quality of their children’s education,." Indeed. Those issues don't appear to be anywhere on Stephen Harper's radar, and that could cost him some non-elitist votes.

I posted about this too a few days ago, that it was time to move on and press with other issues that are of higher priority. And I think you're right, most rural Canadians who may have been disappointed to see the registry live another day may well agree with that. The trick is the opposition parties, particularly some of those 20 MPs who changed their votes where the 2008 election was close, are going to have to package and sell it well. As those are the issues that can reunify a country divided by the registry vote.

However, I had a troll recently, who believe it or not, is willing to sacrifice universal health care, job security, pensions, education all in order to not register his precious guns and will not only be voting Harpercon, but apparently, will be donating a bunch of money to them. Are there other such single issue voters? It would be naive to believe that they're aren't, hence, why the opposition would have to sell it well.

What an upside down world we're living in these days; one where obsession for guns trumps social programs and security of being. If I knew where say that troll was, I'd probably be seeking psychiatric help for them.

But, we're so frickin' upside down & backward these days, all over the world, one has to wonder why? Jim Travers wrote a good piece.

Anonymous on: September 25, 2010 at 12:46 PM said...

CK: and the most absurd thing about those gun nuts histrionics is that, aside from some offhand remarks by Allan Rock 15 years ago, this is not and never has been about denying the right to own guns: it's just about insisting that the legal gun owners fill out a simple form, to help make them be what they claim to be anyway: accountable for handling, storing, and transferring them responsibly. What self-centred, uncaring little drama queens many of them are.



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