Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

/ Thursday, September 2, 2010 /
It's getting embarrassing to watch Stephen Harper flail at the opposition just before Parliament gets ready to go back to work. Strangely he's in campaign mode even though Canadians seem content to sit tight for a little while longer as things currently stand. Witness his second attack in as many days on the very idea of the opposition parties uniting to gang up on the Tories and maybe govern. Something he pretty much invented this time around out of whole cloth, but it's not as if that's the biggest lie that came from his party this summer.

 Perhaps he sees it as a way to revive his lagging poll numbers which were never as high as when he first demagogued the idea of a coalition between what he called, "Liberals and Socialist and Seperatists," oh my! The fodder for this attack was provided by Bloc MP Carole Lavallée, who represents the constituency of Saint Bruno-Saint Hubert. She got her undies in a twist over a mail sent to kids all over Canada last May, including kids in Quebec that encouraged students to visit national parks in the coming year, and were offered a free pass valid for a year to do so. “It’s propaganda for the federal government to send a letter into schools addressed to students as future leaders of Canada,” she is reported by La Presse to have said.

 As most would agree, her objectionable snit over encouraging students to go visit Canada's national parks, mountains, historical sites and see for themselves our shared history comes off as being petty to say the least. But PM Harper concludes that is why he needs a majority: So Canada will never be governed by the Bloc, the Liberals and the Socialists, oh my! When you've got nothing, play the fear card and make stuff up I guess is the thinking behind this.

The thing is, Iggy's cross country tour was all about trying to win over enough Canadians so he could form a majority. Not so he could politically jump in bed with anyone, not even the NDP, of whom he has been very critical of late. I myself was witness to his declaring he didn't want to form a government with members of the Bloc in a visit to Concordia University this past winter. Still, what has the truth got to do with politics?

 Michael Ignatieff, twenty months into his tenure as Liberal leader, finally has a slight breeze for a tailwind has said he has been listening to Canadians across the country and although he heard complaints about the tone and even the direction of the current government there was no cry for an election. Since he is in a dead heat at 29% in the polls, and that hardly qualifies as siting in the catbird seat, it's difficult not to take him at his word. So what is this latest Tory fear-mongering all about?

The answer is in the final paragraph of the Globe and Mail article on Harper's manufactured complaint that the opposition parties are threatening to take down his minority Conservative government: Tom Flanagan, a political scientist at the University of Calgary, and a prominent Conservative who was instrumental in getting Harper elected, says he is framing the ballot question for the next election. "You've got to persuade people that you can't take the Liberals at face value." Mr. Flanagan said in a recent interview with Postmedia News. "There's a big payoff there. Of course, if you're going to do that, it's smart to start early."

The trick is to hope that the electorate is really gullible and will swallow this tripe yet again. What's that expression about fool me three times and shove your policies down our collective throats?


Anonymous on: September 3, 2010 at 4:38 AM said...

The Big Lie about the Coalition? Well why aren't the other parties coming out strong on how it is legitimate, everyone's doing it and all that jazz? Or do they just don't want to mention it at all, not even to correct the Big Lie?

They are cowards and think Canadians are stupid.



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