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/ Tuesday, September 28, 2010 /
Liberal MP Marc Garneau introduced a motion in the House of Commons Tuesday calling on the federal government to reinstate the mandatory long-form census, despite continuing insistence by the Conservatives that it is intrusive and unnecessary. Unsurprisingly the Conservatives pull out the scary, scary word "coalition," as they try to beat back the momentum of the opposition in reinstating the long-form census. "Scary stuff!"

Maybe if the Tories passed out 3-D glasses the idea of a coalition would seem a lot scarier.

Sticking with the census, the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities of Canada has asked the court in Ottawa to void Harper's bill and filed a complaint with Canada's official languages commissioner about the census change. And you can bet that the economist in Harper has great reasons for wanting to kill the census.

A report was published from Justice Canada that lends support to critics claims that Bill C-25, the so-called Truth in Sentencing Act, unfairly targets the poor, the illiterate and Canada's aboriginal community.

The PM has a new chief of staff -- surprisingly he's a Bay Street guy. Who could have predicted?

He's Nigel Wright and he's worked for hard-right politicians such as Ontario Premier Mike Harris and Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day. Also worked as Executive Assistant to policy adviser Charles McMillan in Brian Mulroney’s Prime Minister’s Office, and as a policy coordinator for the Kim Campbell leadership campaign where he was considered, according to conservative analyst David Frum, on the right of the party even then. (Financial Post, June 12, 1993) Was in attendance at the Canadian Alliance’s founding policy convention in 2000 where he supported a regressive, flat-tax proposal that would have favoured wealthy earners at the expense of middle- and low-income earners. (National Post, January 31, 2000) Just another Tory moderate, right?

The Liberals attack the Tories for their mad spending on the G-8 and G-20 summits -- go peruse the database of expenditures for yourself.

Lastly a story about the governement falling short of living up to its obligation to insure Canada's returning, injured veterans are well taken care of. My radio show guest tomorrow morning will be William Ray, former member of Canada's PPCLI and we'll be talking about this and other veterans and Afghanistan War related issues -- you can stream at




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