An Effective Opposition

/ Wednesday, September 15, 2010 /
The Tories are facing an embarrassing defeat on one of their most cherished issues, and they have been put on the defensive about a CBC report that alleges their campaign on this issue has ties to the NRA. The CBC has published documents to back up their claim that the NRA has been actively involved in trying to abolish the long gun registry for years now. To top it all off, David McGuinty accused Stephen Harper and the Conservatives of playing U.S. Republican-style wedge politics.

 This week's developments regarding the bill to scrap the gun registry give me hope that the three opposition parties will not spend the year being pushed around and manipulated by Harper's Tories but instead be an effective counterweight. There were moments all year long when it looked as if the registry was doomed to voted out of existence but then things began to change. The Liberal leader Michael decided back in April he would whip the Liberal vote on the issue, the Bloc were always going to vote against the Conservative private members bill, but it looked like rural NDP MP's were going to vote along with the Tories and end the registry. Then something happened.

It's hard to say if Jack Layton didn't like being called out by the Liberals or the Bloc or if he just wanted to be on the right side of this issue. Maybe he, like the other leaders, is sensing that the Conservatives are vulnerable and Canadians fed up with the fear card being played time and again -- whatever the reason he came out this week and said he had the votes to save the registry and on the 22nd of this month if he' right, that will be that.

With a newly emboldened opposition one suspects that the ride for Harper and the gang will only get bumpier. I'm really looking forward to the kickoff of Parliament -- it promises to be full of surprises.




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