Where Omar Khadr Stands

/ Friday, August 27, 2010 /
The tribulations of Omar Khadr get lost in the shuffle all the time -- in fact the shuffle has been going on for almost eight years now and still he's in Guantanamo. As an issue this won't crop up again until his trial resumes in three weeks and maybe that's symptomatic of what's wrong with our media and our politics. If an issue isn't directly in our faces as a result of a recent media report or focus there's a tendency for that issue to be ignored or forgotten until the MSM deems it time to report on it again.

That said, I wanted to bring my readers the best new media report I've seen to this point on where the military commissions trial kangaroo court of Omar Khadr currently stands. You'll note that it's an American news organization, McClatchy, that gets this right and that they also believe that, the Canadian government, to their discredit, has done nothing it should have to fight for Omar Khadr's rights in this case.

You can also watch a CBC documentary on the the U.S. vs Omar Khadr here.

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