U.S. Rules Over Canadian Common Sense

/ Thursday, August 19, 2010 /
Six Flags, corporate owner of Montreal's La Ronde Amusement Park has imposed its conservative right wing policies in Canada. Accused of raciest practices in the U.S. the company can now add Quebec to its list.
Brunaud Moise was kicked out of La Ronde for wearing Bob Marley shirt. According to La Ronde the shirt did not meet their "family friendly dress code". There with his 15 year old brother Mr. Moise was told by security guards he would have to turn his shirt inside out or leave.

Moïse said his brother was quiet during the meeting with La Ronde's security guards. "I told him you have to be courageous when these things happen. There has to be a change in mentality."  
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We'll give Mr. Marley the final word





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