Stephen's Way

/ Thursday, August 19, 2010 /
You know things are not going Stephen Harper's way when Canada's so-called national newspaper, the reasonably conservative Globe and Mail, compiles what they call a Tory hit list. They even do him the favour of leaving out the smearing of Richard Colvin and still things look bad. It's the kind of thing that gives the impression he's behaving like a tin-plated dictator from some 3rd rate banana republic -- and he is.

It's gotten so bad for PM Harper that he actually spoke to the press today to tell them he had nothing to do with the "bouncing" of Superintendent Marty Cheliak - video here. He looked completely sincere -- it's all an internal RCMP matter don't you know, and the PM would never interfere. That's not his style, right?

Rick Mercer dished out some advice to all Canadians just before Harper's first prorogue. It was well worth heeding then and is still pertinent today.




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