Silly Season Cancelled Permanently

/ Friday, August 6, 2010 /

Until next year at least, there will be no summer silly season. I'm not entirely sure as to the real reason why. I'll speculate that the Tories were hoping to make some hay over the summer months and possibly spring an election on their political foes, who all winter and spring long could get no traction, no matter the issue. They also seemed to want to throw their base a bone or two by scrapping the mandatory long-form census and endless law and order blather. Both have proved to be political embarrassments for the Conservatives.

Turns out Canadians do appreciate and understand the value of institutions like Statistics Canada And as for law and order as an issue, spending more than $1 billion dollars on security for the G8 and G20 summits while preaching austerity, and talking about spending $10-$13 billion on new prisons when crime rates are descending will not win you the approval of Canadians.

The funniest news I read all day was Stephen Harper stating that the economy was too fragile for a fall election. Me thinks his poll numbers are too fragile but that's not how democracy works, is it Stephen? Needless to say, The sudden disappearance of 139,000 full-time jobs across Canada will add to the speculation of a possible fall election.

Helena Guergis is acting like she may well be a thorn in Harper's side in the near future - one can only speculate what this is all about as she says, “I know that I’m not being 100 per cent complimentary, but I think you know I could say a heck of a lot more. If I were inclined to be that kind of person, I could be on the attack, I really could."

An initial look at the first 76,000 records in the "Afghan War Diary" leaked by Wikileaks yields some important information. On the subject of Afghanistan, NATO air-strikes have killed 32 civilians.

Here in Montreal, angry Mohawk protesters faced off today against a property developer in Oka, after the latter showed up to mark trees to be felled on disputed land

I'm on vacation for a week but my partner will be re-posting stories that went down the memory hole far too quickly. Until then, I hope it all goes your way! Cheers!




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