Off With His Head!

/ Thursday, August 19, 2010 /
I'm not particularly happy about the impending arrival of Fox News North, but whatever the market will bear is alright with me. Now it seems 2011 is not nearly soon enough for Péladueau's project and PM Harper will try and hasten its' arrival by dumping the head of the CRTC.

I've been looking around the Canadian blogosphere this morning and so I know it's not just me who believes Harper is losing it, or as Scott over at Scott's DiaTribes puts it, "going all in." The real question is will Canadians be turned off enough by this autocratic Conservative Party behaviour to encourage the opposition to head to the polls sometime in the autumn?

There aren't enough bad things to say about the idea of a network that resembles Rupert Murdoch's Fox News. All you have to do is watch this week's current fake controversy, the NYC mosque to know that their purpose is solely to divide and create animosity amongst Americans so as to boost their ratings. They'll use hate, demagoguery, propaganda and outright bald-faced lies to do it. They do not care about public policy or for that matter the country from which they broadcast. They care solely about the wealthy, the astroturfers, and other corporate interests. Canada does not need this and I do not want to be forced to have to accept this channel on my cable or satellite feed - but Stephen's not going to give me that option.




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