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/ Wednesday, June 9, 2010 /
Been busying myself with posts on single issues of late and kind of enjoying it. It's not really how my radio show works so it seems odd sometimes and I feel as if I may be short-shrifting the readers who show up looking for the day's wrap on Canadian politics. There's really not that much news out of Ottawa at this time of year (or there shouldn't be) as the silly season in Canadian politics is set to swing into high gear so we'll do our best.

Before the silly season can begin though, there's the matter of C-9: the budget bill loaded down with items that have nothing to do with budget matters and Liberals too focused on the polls to vote against what really is an egregious omnibus bill and force an election as budgets are always a matter of confidence. Strangely here, there's a reliance on the Senate to do what Parliament could not and that's remove the non-budget items from the bill - expect the requisite outrage from the Tories if that actually occurs. If that doesn't work out, then a really terrible budget will have been foisted upon us that will have far-reaching consequences.

You have to give the Tories credit for managing to keep me fairly busy. By having money for things like fake lakes but not for poverty programs, they keep me wondering when Canadians will sit up and notice what they're up to. The Conservative's rigid ideology on the maternal-health initiative is proving to be an embarrassment for the country as there are whispers in the corridors of the major women’s reproductive-health conference in Washington condemning Canada for not funding abortion as part of its G8 maternal-health initiative.

Lastly, a link to a story about those rather persistent rumours of an NDP, Liberal merger which everyone is vehemently denying.




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