If This Is Harper's Vision For Canada I Wish I Was Blind

/ Friday, June 4, 2010 /

Ottawa- As a prelude to the meeting of the "Big G's" the good citizens of Ottawa were dancing in the streets in protest of CANSEC, Canada's largest arms show. The arms bazaar is organized by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries.  Along with the tight security a large metal fence surrounded the site closing it off from the public. Protestors decorated the fence with anti-war banners and posters. Defence Minister Peter Mackay was scheduled to appear but did not, leaving organizers scrambling to find a Bush like substitute.  

Protestors at CANSEC gun show
Speaking of guns the powers that be unveiled their security plans for the G8 and G20 summits. This includes buying four Long Range Acoustic Devices. These boom-boxes from hell, or sound cannons as they are sometimes called emit ear-splitting pitches they can have effect at distance of two CFL football fields end to end. The police said the sound cannons will not be used as a weapon but as a "communication tool" with protestors. This is on top of the usual government counter measures of mounted police. pissed off dogs held back by just as pissed off riot police, snipers, swat teams, cameras and of course everybody's favourite, CISA agents dressed up as a hippies.

Police showing off their "Sound Canon"
Just to make sure there is room to accommodate all of the
miscreants billions are being spent on brand spankin' new
jails across the country. When the Conservative government is cutting back pensions and social programs, Corrections Canada's new mantra is, "spend baby spend", adding four thousand new positions across the country. Not a hard thing to do when your  budget is by increased by twenty-seven per cent, reaching 3.1 billion in 2012-13. With the crime rate falling look for the Harper Conservatives to create new laws to justify the extra rooms. What's Conservative for self fulfilling prophecy?

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney -Another Proud Moment In Canadian History




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