Celebrate World Oceans Day- Build A Fake Lake- The Conservative's Did

/ Monday, June 7, 2010 /
Harper Land- Life must be good in Harper land when you can justify spending two million Canadian dollars on a fake lake. As way to advertise the up-comming G-8-20 meetings  summit organizers built the artificial lake in Toronto's Direct Energy Centre. (We cannot confirm that the lake was stocked with flounder but this writer is assuming so.)

Fake lake lies about Afghanistan,  the truth is obviously not being high on the Conservatives agenda. It is no surprise to find out they scripted the message they wanted Canadian's to know about the Afghan mission. At a time when some of the fiercest fighting was happening the Conservatives were saying the mission was focusing on development and reconstruction. Like bad cheats in high school the government gave the identical set of quotes to two returning aid workers. The aid workers were scheduled to give separate press conferences detailing their personal perspective on the progress in Afghanistan.




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