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/ Sunday, May 23, 2010 /
Took time off following my show on Friday, but being a good ex-Catholic I'm feeling guilty about it - doesn't seem to matter to my sub-concious that I'm now agnostic - so an early Sunday morning post for anyone checking in.

Thankfully the scrutiny Canadians have been giving to the state our own off-shore drilling means the Chevron project - they are digging the deepest well in Canadian history -  off the coast of Newfoundland, is receiving a closer and harder look.

Canadians as a whole have mixed feeling about off-shore drilling but could be said to be desirous of erring on the side of caution. The percentage that would like it stopped completely is low at 13%, but there are 39% who think it should be suspended while risks are reassessed, 32% who believe drilling should continue while risks are reviewed, 9% who believe business should continue as usual and 7% who don't know.

Canada gets ranked sixth out of eight in the G8 when it comes to climate change and the economy, and all Canada's Environment Minister Jim Prentice can do is moan that the judgement was "unfair." Maybe if he had a credible plan that didn't involve aping our Americans cousins he wouldn't come off as such a wanker.

Gilles Duceppe took aim at the government's vanity project, getting itself a seat on the 15 member UN Security Council, for not taking any real action on climate change (Harper has steadfastly refused to live up to the terms of the Kyoto Protocol of which Canada is a signatory) and has refused to sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The response from Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon was a predictable mix of bluster and accusations that Duceppe is a undermining peace, love and harmony in Canada.

A story about the costs of the tories get tough on crime bill - Harper wants madly to imprison more Canadians at a time when crime in Canada is decreasing. Any day now Harper will no doubt announce he`s going on vacation to clear brush at his ranch in Alberta. Canadians should be extremely concerned about this.

Climate change is most visible in our Arctic and signs that sea ice is headed for a record low.

Lastly, a Canadian treasure almost on par with David Suzuki, Bob McDonald of Quirks and Quarks fame explains the week`s most exciting news, the creation of synthetic life, and what it means.




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