Gunslingers Invade Lansdowne Park - Canada Makes Top 10 List for Arms Dealers

/ Monday, May 31, 2010 /
Ottawa:  Canada's largest trade show exhibiting the latest in guns and weapons is taking place this week in the nation's capital. If you can make it past the chain link fence you can hang out with Canada's top military brass and the folks selling the guns and ammo. Luckily just in time for the defence show the Defence Department suspended the some rules governing dealings with the private sector allowing military personnel to be "wined and dined" by the military contractors.

According to Amnesty International Canada as of 2006 was in the top ten of countries selling small arms and light weapons and came in at just under $9 million dollars in reported sales. Number two on the list was Belgium at just over $27 million and the leader, way ahead of the pack, is the USA at $228,512,000. A pdf of the full report can be found at here. The Canadian government, never one to miss on a deal, according to 2006 numbers sold $360.4 million dollars in military equipment to 68 states. Some were involved in armed conflict at the time, with Colombia being the leader of that pack buying $1,177,088 worth of goods. The full Ploughshares report can be found here.

More proof that the suns rises in the morning and s*** don't change. Have a good Monday everyone!




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