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/ Thursday, May 6, 2010 /
Wanted to come back last night and toss in a post about the lowlife tory Senator Nancy Ruth, but haven't had the time. She's a reflection of bad and misguided conservative policy as well as ideology, which is clearly out of step with what the majority of Canadians believe. I promise to revisit this and soon.

In the meantime I want to blog the Canadian stories I covered on my radio show this morning. You can always stream me on-line at CJLO.com.

Omar Khadr's trial by a Military Tribunal in Guantanamo Bay continues. A timeline from CBC.  Four reporters banned from attending and covering future military commission at Gitmo by Pentagon.

Safety precaustions for proposed deep water well off the Nfld. coast questioned.

Sydney tries to clean up tar ponds.

The tailings ponds in Alberta will be far more difficult to cleanup, so says the executive director of the Oilsands Developers Group in Fort McMurray. "A lot of it would require application of new technologies, increased timelines, so there's some physical difficulties. There will be some cost difficulties associated with it as well."

They really don't care how much they crap all over the Canada and they show little intention of adhering to the laws unless they are forced to at the point of massive fines. Fine's like those Syncrude faces ($800,000) in the case of its responsibility for killing 1,600 ducks are less than a slap on the wrist for a company whose profits exceed a billion annually.




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