Best Canada's Tories Can Hope For

/ Saturday, May 8, 2010 /
So reading yesterday's EKOS poll on how Canadians feel about their political parties it's hard not to get a bit despondent as a Canadian progressive. Of course if I was a tory I wouldn't feel that great about things as they stand either. This result is the best they can hope for.

There aren't now nor will there likely be in the near future a plurality of conservatives in Canada. So they have to hope the Canadian left remains divided and they can preside over a series of minority Parliments. They also have to hope that people don't look too closely at the ivory tower man, Michael Ignatieff, and the Liberal Party or they might discover just how conservative these clowns are and start voting for parties that are comprised of actual progressives.

As things stand the Tories bounce around between the high twenties and low thirties in the polls. The Liberals poll in the high twenties mostly, occasionally topping thirty percent. The poll totals of the NDP and the Green Party add up to somewhere around twenty-six percent. The Bloc, where Quebecers park their votes is arguably a vote for progressive policy - Quebec is many things but hardly a bastion of conservatism.

So there you have, in a Canadian nutshell, where we stand. One third of the country favours the Conservative Party and two thirds vote for liberal and progressive parties and yet we are governed by the party that represents one third of how Canadians feel. That this doesn't seem to bother anyone speaks to the complacency and cynicism of Canadian voters.




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