War Criminals: Canada's Tories

/ Sunday, April 25, 2010 /
The difference between the Canadian media and the American media is night and day. Even a reliably conservative newspaper like the Globe and Mail, can be trusted to report on any issue regardlesss of whom the issue favours.

It is worthy of note tha tthey have been resolute in their coverage of the Afghan detainee issue and even have gone so far as to end many of their pieces with the following and extremely significant caveat:

The commission is trying to investigate allegations that Canadians aided and abetted torture by knowingly handing prisoners over to abuse at the hands of Afghan officials.

Under the Geneva Conventions it is a war crime to do so.

I want to be very clear about this, I believe it is the policy, not the soldiers who are at fault here and it is the policy-makers not the soldiers who are guilty of war crimes. From what one can glean from the hearings, such as they are, the warnings went out as early as 2005 that the Afghans were using torture or worse on prisoners that were handed over. There were also repeated warnings from diplomat Richard Colvin on this very subject which he has testified:



And so with all the damning evidence before them and all of us, the tories prorogued Parlimaent in the hope the issue would go away. When that didn't prove to be as effective as they would like they took to simple, old-fashioned  stonewalling tactics that remind one of the Somalia inquiry. The opposition have made attempts to keep this issue in the public eye with some pointed questions but it is up to the public to remain interested and hold the Tories accountable.





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