Stepehen Harper, A Man Built for the 19th Century

/ Tuesday, April 27, 2010 /
Every day this man remains the Prime minister of Canada is a shameful one. The latest outrage is the stated opposition to fund any maternal health projects that include abortion. This is how they announce their participation in a G8 initiative to improve the maternal health of women in developing countries.

The question of whether family planning would be part of the G8 maternal-health initiative is deemed important by most experts because many of the estimated 500,000 childbirth deaths in developing countries each year are caused by complications from women becoming pregnant too young and too often in quick succession.

Today in Parliment he did not, in stated terms, defend his stance. Instead, he ducked questions leaving members of the opposition somewhat surprised and confused as the issue is not abortion but trying to lend assistance to women who've been victimized by war, rape and poverty.




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