Un-Like Canada, F.B.I. Swears They Were The Good Cop In Khadr Affair

/ Thursday, April 29, 2010 /
At a hearing into war crime accusations concerning the base at Guantanamo Bay the FBI testified that their interrogation of Omar Khadr was all very civil and professional. Said one FBI agent on Wednesday,"...comfortable and friendly once the hood and handcuffs were removed, including snacks and bathroom breaks." 

They said this contrasting the fact one of his Canadian army interrogators was involved in a case where the prisoner died and  some time later, in a different incident said interrogator was court-martialed for prisoner abuse . In a U.S. army investigation in the deaths of two other detainees at Bagram detention centre Sgt. Joshua Claus of military intelligence is described as using a litany of  coercive techniques when questioning the men.

Mr Khadr is also suing the Canadian government  for torture. His action alleges breaches of several constitutional charters guaranteeing the right not to be subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.
In a sworn statement Mr. Khadr states he gave false confessions after he was beaten, doused in freezing water, spat on, chained in painful positions, forced to urinate on himself  then used as a human mop, terrorized by barking dogs, subjected to sleep deprivation and rape threats. 
Home sweet home at Guantanamo Bay.  Photograph by CBC DocZone




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