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/ Tuesday, April 13, 2010 /
Starting with protests against Charest's very unpopular Quebec budget which includes user fees  There's lots of studies on the myth that user fees help prevent abuse including this one  From our own Canadian Government study on the subject is this unequivocal statement Studies of user charges in some of these countries draw conclusions similar to the Canadian studies. Analysis has revealed that user fees do not enable governments to control health costs, that they risk leading to under-consumption of medical services by those who are the most ill, and that they are frequently ineffective when patients have supplementary insurance.

Day 2 of the story that Charest's Liberals took payoffs So far no proofs just annecdotal accusations. Of course, won't be shocked if it's true. The accusation was originally leveled by former Justice Minister Marc Bellemare. This promises to get interesting as Charest’s lawyers will be sending Bellemare a mise en demeure, warning him to retract or face legal action. To his credit Charest has already called for an inquiry into how Quebec judges are chosen

Nothing says intolerance like the SSJB yet again trying to restrict access to English schools It'd be nice if they'd just STFU for a change, or eve FOAD! (I mean the organization, not the people!)

Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin says Canada stymied detainee monitoring But there's no reason to investigate detainee abuse Force's investigator concludes "Nothing to see here! Everybody move along!" is not much of a defense and why do they expect it to work? Do they believe Canadians to be that complacent?

In an act that reflects their product the Taser people using intimidation to defend their product Amnest International suggests a moritorium on use of the device here in Canada

Canada "misses" opportunity to join Pacific Free-Trade deal We know nothing's free in the 1st place so this might not be the worst thing in the 2nd place, esp. since the Torries suddenly like it so much.




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